We love you, Kyle Major

Thinking about Kyle

Friends of Kyle’s in Manhattan?

My wife and I were friends of Kyle’s from Columbia, Missouri, and we are visiting Manhattan for a few days. We were thinking of trying to meet up with friends of Kyle’s. If you see this post and would like to meet us Monday or Tuesday (Nov 17 or 18) or perhaps the morning of Wednesday, send an email to richarddmorey@gmail.com.

It’ been a bit, but I found myself thinking about you today, old friend.  I miss you.

Thank you for your donations.

Thanks to all

This blog has really helped during this ordeal; thanks to all of Kyle’s special friends.  I will be in New York at the apartment this Tuesday, April 19, late afternoon, and most of the day Wednesday.  I would love to meet any friends who care to spare any time and stories with me.  My cell is 314.225.1660.

Bless you all,

Mark Major 

"I was looking for the world’s sweetest poem!" (Fereydoon Moshiri)

When I was in hospital after my accident, you came immediately. Though you didn’t know me. It was at the very beginning of your first year as a grad student at the NYU. You simply heard what had happened and you came. I was touched by that.

Both of us were linguists, both of us loved New Music and composition.


Memorial Service for our beloved Kyle Justin Major in New York City Sat. 23rd of April 2011

You all are welcome to attend the memorial service I will be holding for Kyle  at:

MYOSETSUJI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Manhattan on the 23rd of April at 3PM (3PM-4PM). Address: 402 West 40th Street Manhattan New York.

Take the A,C,E,N or R Train to 42nd Street ports Authority and walk to 402 w 40th (40th St and 9th Avenue).It is situated at the back of The Ports Authority. You can call the Temple @ 212- 564 4423 for directions if confused. I will be there. Ask for Jose Paulissen-Dougan or Robin Gordon.

Most of you don’t know me or most of his room mates. I spent the most hours with Kyle the day of the fatal incident that took his life. He came knocking on my door at 5AM seeking comfort. He was afraid to be on his own in his room. We were up till 7PM, as I tried to comfort him. He asked me if he could sleep in my room which I agreed too. He used my cell phone to communicate with his mother as his cell phone was not functioning.

An hour before the fire happened I checked on him in his room before going out. Lara Agulto also was on the phone from work asking about his well being all day. JT also checked on him 20 minutes before the fire. He was loved by all. I was going to go out with him an hour before it happened so that he could have some fresh air, but he refused to go out at the last minute.

He will always be remembered by Lara, Karen, Kenny, Adan, JT and I as the very peaceful, loving, caring and jovial Kyle. It has not been easy for us to digest what happened to him. so if anyone has been been surprised why his room mates have not posted anything on the blog up till now, trust me it has not been easy for us to digest. We lived with him, went out with him and had our cheese and wine nights with him at the apartment till early hours of the morning with him talking, joking and laughing.

We will always Love you Kyle and we do miss you boy.

From all your former room mates.


(Jose Paulissen-Dougan)

Two things I loved about Kyle: he always had a refreshingly different perspective on pretty much everything, and he was completely lacking in guile. I never saw him lie or dissemble about anything, but more to the point, it seemed like he couldn’t comprehend how anyone else could, either. I’ve been reflecting on this recently, thinking what a really excellent person he was, and how I wish I hadn’t taken for granted that I could disappear from New York for months and come back and he’d be there again. I’ll miss you, dude.

(Dan Lassiter)
Kyle at our wedding in 2009.
(Chris Fischer)